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Unlicensed Employees #:
Any Prior Claims of Losses Paid:

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Does The Applicant: Spray Both Pesticides and Herbicides?
Utilize Separate Tanks For Pesticides and Herbicides?
Use "Air-Induction Nozzles" for Herbicide Work?
Use ONLY Chemical Resistant Hoses?
Use ONLY Stainless Steel Tanks?
Does The Applicant Utilize Fumigation?

If Yes, List The Crops and/or Commodities Fumigated and Chemicals Used:
Are "Restricted Use" Chemicals Used?

If Yes, List The "Restricted Use" Chemicals:
What Non-Restricted Use Chemicals Are Primarily Used?
Does The Applicant Sell Chemicals?

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Does The Applicant Manufacture of Sell any "Custom Mix" Chemicals?

Does The Applicant Apply Chemicals in a "Research Capacity" On Small Plots?

If Yes, Fully Describe This Operation:
Is The Applicant A Current Member Of A Trade Group or Professional Association?

If Yes, List The Name Of The Group:
How Many Acres Does The Applicant Expect To Spray/Treat On An Annual Basis?
Does The Applicant Enter Into Any Insured Contracts Under Which He Would Assume The Tort Liability Of Another Party?

I understand that misrepresentation or omission of materials facts will be cause for cancellation and many void coverage.
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