Crop and Liability Insurance in Lubbock, Abernathy, and Surrounding Areas in Texas

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What is Agriculture Spraying Insurance? Do I Need It?

Most agriculture operations purchase crop insurance that covers a wide range of potential problems, land, loss of crop, natural disasters, etc.  But with Crop Spraying Insurance, general liability insurance will help with third-party herbicide injury. Herbicide drift is the most common liability and a costly one at that.

It’s important that growers understand the products they use and third-party pesticide injury. Typically, crop insurance does not cover damage from pesticide drift according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency.

Spray Drift in Texas

The U.S. EPA reports that across the country more than 2,500 complaints of drift damage are filed with state regulators and agricultural insurers. The level of liability coverage applicators are required to carry varies from state to state, with pesticide type and injury type commonly specified.

Clark Riley’s Tips on Crop Insurance

Clark Riley Insurance understands that there are various causes of herbicide injury and typically difficult for insurance companies to clear. Here are some things to consider about liability:

  • Check to make sure that your applicator is certified
  • Review your general liability coverage insurance and update with any changes to your operation or staffing
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Do you have more questions about crop drift and crop spraying? We can create a custom coverage to minimize your agriculture liabilities. We will ensure that spray drift incidents do not stifle your growing business.

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