Renters Insurance in Lubbock, Abernathy, and Surrounding Areas

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Why Do I Need Renters Insurance in Texas?

All too often, life is defined by the unexpected—especially if you live on rental property. What are your neighbors doing upstairs? What was that loud BANG! from the next-door apartment? You can’t control or predict what neighbors do. Neither can you direct the weather or prevent every possible mishap. Accidental fires or other kinds of accidents and disasters can strike anyone, anytime. And sometimes even the most stringent precautions won’t prevent you from being targeted by vandals and/or thieves.

That’s why renters’ insurance is critical to protecting your assets. Your landlord probably maintains some type of tenant insurance, but this coverage is bare-bones and will reimburse you for almost nothing—if that. Without doubt, landlord insurance provides zero reimbursement for your personal stuff.

Your Stuff Might Be Worth More Than You Think

Because you’re a renter and not a homeowner, you might believe you don’t need renters’ insurance; you simply don’t have sufficient assets—or so you believe. For most people, this simply isn’t true. Unfortunately, many renters simply don’t realize how much they stand to lose.

For example, the average tenant owns more than $35,000 worth of personal possessions, most of them kept in the rental unit. And $35,000 is an average. Many tenants own significantly more, others own substantially less. And it’s a given that landlord insurance won’t cover any of your personal possessions.

If unexpected disaster destroyed all your stuff, do you have $35,000 in liquid assets to buy replacements? What about $20,000 or $25,000 in cash? How about $50,000 or more in cash?

If your answered “no” to these hypotheticals, it’s time to buy renters insurance or, maybe, to increase your coverage amounts!

What Does Renters Insurance Cover? ​

A good renters insurance policy will protect most if not all of your valuables. Proper renters’ coverage will reimburse you for losses incurred from unexpected disaster. Those monies make it easier to recover and get back to life-as-normal.

A Lubbock, TX renters insurance policy from Clark Riley Insurance  protects you from fires, wind and hailstorms, lightning, theft, and other unanticipated mishaps, including aircraft and motor-vehicle accidents—even riots.

What is Excluded from My Insurance Policy?

Like other insurance policy types, renters’ insurance also excludes coverage for specific event types:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes and mudslides
  • Settling
  • Natural deterioration and neglect
  • Bird, rodent, insect, and domesticated animal damage
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